Hello! I'm Aubrie. I am a mostly self-taught artist who's been crazy about drawing since I was a little girl. As I got older, my passion for animation grew, and I became obsessed with the stories and characters that I saw in animated film and television. I have been honing my skills ever since to create characters and worlds that resonate with people.


My creativity pushed me to explore other facets of illustration and design; after a few years of training at a university for illustration, I gained experience in children's book illustration as well as graphic design, which have given me a lot of knowledge that I believe has greatly added to my toolkit as a visual development artist. 

Currently, I'm residing and doing freelance work in Salt Lake City, Utah, with my loving husband, and my little snorkie, Ghost (though we are westcoast-bound). The three of us have many adventures together.

Some things I love are cold brew coffee, sweet potato fries,  traveling, pilates, 90's sitcoms, stickers, building dollhouses and miniatures, and eating an unholy amount of dark chocolate. If I could live on the beach I would, but I also love to hike the mountains.

If you're interested in my work, feel free to contact me!